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that is it for this "special report." fair, balanced and unafraid, continuing coverage of breaking story out of california continues right here on fox news channel. . >> shepard: continuing coverage of breaking news now on fox news channel. the armed standoff in california continues. the fugitive excop accused of murdering three people now said to be barricaded in a mountain cabin and our station in los angeles, kttv fox 11 reports he has killed another member of law enforcement in a shootout that happened in the last hour or two. police say they have christopher dorner completely surrounded. and it now appears the suspect has no intentions of peacefully surrendering. as you most likely know, cops say dorner last week killed a retired police captain's daughter plus her fiance and the riverside, california police officer. and then he disappeared. in a 20 owe page manifesto of sorts, chris dorner claims his
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actions are revenge for his firing from the l.a.p.d. back in 2008. and he claims the killing will not stop unless and until he gets justice. now, fast forward to today, in an area near big bear lake, in california, on bear mountain, the place where investigators last week found the guy's burned out truck, police say a suspect matching the guy, dorner's description, broke into a home and tied up a couple. one reportedly escaped and called police. the suspect then reportedly stole the couple's vehicle and drove away. fish and game authorities then spotted him on a nearby road. the suspect is as the story goes, opened fire on them. took off into the forest and then into a cabin. law enforcement backup arrived. there was another gun fight as the police put it in which the suspect shot two deputies and one has now reportedly died. today in los angeles, police said they will not rest until this is over. >> the best thing for him now
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would be to surrender and allow us to take him into custody and is he can face the criminal justice system a serious concern for our officers here. until this guy is in handcuffs and in custody none of the people in our department are going to rest. >> shepard: for now, police say the suspect is hold up in that cabin, armed and surrounded. trace gallagher in our los angeles newsroom now. trace? >> i can tell you, shepard, that there are changes to the story that you just laid out there. there are a bunch of reporters on scene. there are numerous police officers on scene. but, again, you said it correctly that he apparently went in, a home invasion of a cabin where a couple was actually tied up. now we're getting reports that when he left that cabin that he did not steal the couple's car but went down the road and cam man deered ear carjacking or stealing another car, a white truck and driving that truck away. and that apparently is when fish and game officers came in contact with him and fish and game officers were part of the
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first shootout. fish and game says neither one of their officers were injured. but, they continued pursuing him and then local deputies got on the scene. and the cabin where the hold up or the standoff is right now is the cabin where christopher dorner ran inside. and deputies followed him. he turned around once he got inside that cabin and fired on one deputy and hit one of them. and then as he tried to run out the back door, reportedly another deputy, shep, had gone around the back and that's when dorner opened fire on that deputy. wounding him. we know that one of the deputies was killed. the other is now in critical condition. so this man who was waged war on southern california police officers has now killed two, and injured four and is still hold up inside of there. remember, the authorities shut down the entire area. there was no fly zones over the actual cabin saying they did not want their positions of swat teams compromised in any way. so, the air traffic was shut
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down. and the scanner traffic, which is now kind of coming back online again was garbled for much of the afternoon. and now reportedly, the woman who owns the cabin says there is no internet inside that cabin. there is no cable television. there is no telephone. so christopher dorner presumably would be inside this cabin with no access to what's going on around him. it's not just one perimeter that is set up by law enforcement authorities. they have actually set up a secondary perimeter in case dorner was able to evade the first one. clearly he has proven very allusive in recent days. remember, it was six days ago that they found his burned out truck and there were snow prints, footprints leading away from that car. keep in mind, they flooded that zone with law enforcement authorities and swat teams and rescue teams and they found nothing. shortly after that, four or five hours, it began snowing and still, they found nothing. the blizzard clearly helped
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dorner more than it helped police officers and now, from the area where the car or the burned out truck was found, shep, to where he is hold up right now, by our maps is about 8 miles. it's unclear if he drove that far or if, in the past five days, he has made his way around those mountains in various back cabins and hidden out well enough to elude police for six days. but the standoff is underway right now. the biggest manhunt in california history is now focused on a cabin just off highway 38 in big bear, california. we'll keep you updated throughout the show, shep, how this standoff continues. >> shepard: trace, we were reading from the "l.a. times" in the last few hours that if there were questions about whether at this moment he has hostage. i heard in the police news conference they wouldn't answer that question. do we know if he does or doesn't? >> we don't know but we do not believe that he does. i mean, those reports apparent whether i erroneous and what
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they were talking about, shep, was that the confusion seemed to be that he went into the cabin and he tied up the couple and held them hostage. he may have gone into that cabin yesterday or the day before. he may have been hold up there for more than just today and then when he left, he he untied them. it is not thought to be the same cabin the couple lives in. we're not excluding the fact that he might have hostage, but any reports saying that do not appear to be accurate at this time. >> shepard: all right, trace. earlier today, there were reports that he had numerous weapons, that he had weaponry that he might be able to shoot into the sky. that he had a 50 caliber. do we know during this run and into the cabin how well armed he was? in other words, how much danger these police officers are in? >> well, they were a lot of danger because we know that he has got a great deal of ammunition. as far as weapons, that's a little bit unclear. there were reports that he used a couple of smoke grenades to throw them off his track. if you think back to when they found out the burned out truck. they also found two assault weapons inside that truck.
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we know that he was also carrying handguns, so at the very least, when this shootout began, he did have a handgun and plenty of ammunition. once he got inside that cabin, he continued to shoot. i mean, we heard this scanner traffic go back and forth with shots fired for at least 15 or 20 minutes. so, presumably he has a great deal of ammunition in there. but it's unclear exactly what type of weaponry he has inside the cabin. though there were reports that on top of the handguns that we know that he possesses, that he may have procured another weapon from the couple that he invaded their home. but in the past hour and 15 or 20 minutes, there has not been a shot heard coming out of that cabin. though police believe they have their man inside that cabin. shep? >> shepard: all right. trace, on the left side of the screen you are looking at live pictures just after 4:00 in the afternoon. this is loma linda, california. courtesy of our network
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affiliate out there. there are checkpoints all around. at one of those checkpoints is our correspondent gigi from fox 11 news kttv for the south land. gigi, what's happening where you are? >> hi, shep. good afternoon. we are here in big bear. this is highway 330 for folks that are familiar with the area. they just reopened the road just a couple of seconds ago. but for the last three hours, they have been searching every single car that's been coming down the hill at gun point. we are talking about even official vehicles. the concern, of course, that even though they think they have suspect christopher dorner hold up in a cabin several miles away from here, they are not taking any chances. this man moves fast and they wanted to make sure that none of the people coming down the hill the thought was they could be being held at gunpoint. of course, we have already talked about the fact that we just got word a short while ago that a deputy with the san bernardino county sheriff's department was killed in that shootout. shep, we are learning that his wife recently gave birth to
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their child and so there is is a very somber and tense mood here amongst san bernardino county sheriff deputies. >> shepard: stand by just a moment. the standoff with the man barricaded in the house has been going on a couple of hours. during all of it they had that check point set up and they were checking all those cars. does this lead us to believe that some sort of situation in there might have changed? you know, we don't know, shep, because we are getting very little information out of there and we haven't seen a live picture of the scene for the better part of an hour and 10 minutes now. we are getting reports out of there that police have not heard a shot fired from inside the cabin toward the police officers. but that police officers are continuing to fire tear gas at the cabin or inside the cabin. so, those are the reports that we're hearing. as far as the checkpoints go. roads go going in and out of
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big bear. highway 30, highway 8 and 13. highway 8 is where this standoff is happening right now. that is what you are looking at right there is the entrance or exit to that very highway and every car that is in that area is being diverted away. nobody is going down that road right now. the other roads they are letting people in and out, shep, but they are checking pretty much every car just on the chance that christopher dorner has somehow snuck out of this cabin which they do not believe to be the case. they are still making sure that they have got everything checked off. this is the man over the past 7 or 8 days that has evaded police at least five times by our count and they are making sure it doesn't happen again, shep. >> gigi, out on the road, have the cops given you an idea after these couple of hours why it is they haven't opened up traffic or not? >> well, they apparently feel very confident that whoever that suspect is that was
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shooting at them is indeed hold up off of highway 38, as you heard right now has not reopened to traffic. the traffic down hill from big bear and, remember, big bear is a ski resort. lots of skiers up there right now. the way to come down the hill is about three hours. they just decided it wasn't feasible they feel confident they have their suspect off of highway 38. that's why they are opening the road and allowing people to come down off the hill and allowing people in a short while to go back up the mountain. >> shepard: that makes sense. i'm trying to peace the puzzle together with the facts that we have. they have been firing tear gas into this building. they haven't heard shots back. i wonder if this thing hopefully has come to an end. >> that's what all the police are hoping for. 12 minutes after 4:00. the sun settles around 5:30. we have been talking to various swat team members. the former police chief as
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well as mark fuhrman who knows the l.a.p.d. very well about what strategic or calculated move you make next. they all kind of concurred with the theme that you really don't want to see this go into the nighttime. so you have got about an hour and 25 or 30 minutes of daylight left then you start getting into the nighttime hours where all of a sudden the scenario changes a little bit. not to say that the l.a.p.d. doesn't have time on their side because they certainly do. they believe and are confident they have this place surrounded and have the fire power to do whatever they have to do. remember, christopher dorner said in this manifesto that he did not think he would come out of this alive. there are a number of police officers around that perimeter who, if he makes a move, would make that a reality. they were calling for more swat teams about an hour and a half ago. l.a.p.d. teams who, as far as we understand were not on scene were at the ready down at san bernardino airport. and they needed more swat teams.
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so it's likely those teams will be brought in and used to set up that perimeter. a great deal of fire power around that cabin and no movement inside the cabin or at least no shots fired from within inside the cabin. at least in the past hour, hour and 15 minutes, shep. i was thinking about the temperature and 15 degrees at one point and wondering how he might have survived. what he did was broke into that cabin and tied up that couple as you described not this morning or yesterday but a couple of days ago. and it was today that he made the run and it was today that he came across the fish and wildlife officers. he is in one vehicle. the fish and wildlife officers in another vehicle. he spots -- they spot him and he he engages in a vehicle-to-vehicle shootout until he ends up crashing his own vehicle that he had stolen obviously and then running into that cabin. so at least from the reporting that we're getting right now, we know where he has been for the last couple of days. that's in a cabin with a couple of people who were tied
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up and one of them, trace, somehow escaped. let me take you one better here, shep. the cabin we are talking about where the couple was tied up club view drive near the golf course and near the ski resort. that's in the vicinity of where his truck was found. so maybe he has been there for the past couple of days. nobody knows. maybe he has been there for the past six days. right now we just don't have any idea. where that truck was found and where that golf course is and where that home is is literally less than 100 yards from where the command center is and where all the live reports have been coming out for the past week. so, consider a scenario where christopher dorner was actually holding up in a cabin just a few yards away from the police and the reporters who were on this massive search trying to find this guy. again, the biggest search in manhunt in california history and it's feasible from all the reporting coming out of there, shep. that this guy was the entire time or at least part of the
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time just a few yards away. >> and today when he goes into that next cabin, he was driven into that cabin after this shootout with fish and wildlife folks. there is an 84-year-old lady, according to the reporting of the "l.a. times" named candy martin who observed that cabin. she is watching this along with angeline knows and the rest of the world for that matter, and she sees "that's my cabin." a main cabin with six smaller ones around it. she is watching this play out on tv. during the course of all of this as i mentioned today one officer shot and killed. our reporter christina gonzalez also from kttv fox 11 in the los angeles area is in the hospital with the wounded officer. and christinena, without giving his name obviously, it's my understanding that you personally know the officer who met his end today? >> yeah. and, forgive me because i'm kind of getting confirmations from deputies as i'm typing here and talking to you. but, yes, from what i
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understand this is a man who is san bernardino county sheriff deputy. he has been on the search since the beginning of the situation. until i know his wife gets here to the hospital and is aware, i'm not going to give his name especially since he had a baby not long ago. very nice man. very involved in the department. loves the department. and liked by a lot of people. not a very tall guy but a guy who was really into his -- worked out at twin peaks. he was saying a couple days ago on saturday we should all help him talk to television stations because popping microphones in front of him during the search and he didn't know what to say. very very very nice man. and he is going to be missed. like anybody would be missed but is he a particularly joul, wonderful human being. and as you find out more about it, you know, he had a life beyond the contempt department but he was very kind. very very kind. he made sure people -- he
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would be the kind of person who would buy gifts for a family if they didn't have gifts at christmas time, for example. i remember him doing that things like that. so, forgive me, i'm a little bit, again, i'm getting confirmation from what i understand brought two helicopters did come in here to loma linda. the other one was this man and another one is another deputy who has been injured. i have got no information on him. my information comes from a deputy inside when they turned him over he thought he recognized him. now all the deputies and this is the kind of weird thing. we are finding out as the deputies are finding out in the field. this is a friend of my husband who happens to be former law enforcement. so they are all texting each other. so, as soon as can i give you a name, i will. but what a loss this is going to be. >> shepard: yeah. >> back to you guys. >> shepard: man alive, christina, thank you so much. so many sacrifice so much us and get caught up in the middle of this. we're reporting from rome tonight where it's just past
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midnight, 17 minutes past -- actually 17 minutes past 1:00 in the morning. can i tell you this is a story that has been covered here. this is being watched around the world. nowhere closer than at the los angeles police department where our correspondent william la jeunesse is. william, have we been able to get anything from police about what it is that has happened in the last hour and a half or so in that cabin? it sounds like they have heard no gunshots and they fired tear gas in there which leads you to wonder. >> what we just heard is that four to five tear gas canisters have been fired at the cabin and that e.m.s. units in san bernardino have been told to be on stand by. air ambulances, if you will, at the local hospitals. we do know, shepard, that l.a.p.d. has a real emotional tie to this case. this is one of their own, who obviously went bad. rogue cop but he has now killed a san bernardino deputy as well as a riverside deputy. and then, of course, the two civilians who were killed as well. basically with this 1 reward or price on his head. you have got this massive possie on his trail after six
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days it now appears that justice is coming to a head for christopher dorner. he, of course, was trained by the navy under water demolition. excellent marksman, that we can see. he also was trained by the l.a.p.d. and antiterrorism. of course, he was fired in 2008 after lying about a colleague. for that dismissal he holds the department responsible. he has said i don't fear dying i died when i was fired from the l.a.p.d. shepard? >> shepard: breaking news at big bear. our producer jen gerden is on scene at a place we don't have a camera but she has eyesight. what are you seeing. >> hi, shep. we are being kept five miles actually away from the main scene where dorner is supposedly hold up in that cabin. we are seeing there is a bunch of police cars, sheriff's vehicles, cops have their guns out. they won't speak to us. they are listening to the
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scanner radio. and we're seeing cop cars fly by here. some guys in swat gear flying by. in the last couple of hours we have seen them going through. they keep us pretty far back but especially far back like i said four or five miles from that actual cabin right now. >> shepard: jen, it's my understanding that you have information to suggest that that cabin is up in flames at this moment. what do you know? >> i do not, shep. i cannot see that from here. i'm sorry. >> shepard: then i was misinformed. i'm sorry. i'm thousands of miles away. that was the information i was given. trace gallagher, what do you have on that? >> you had it exactly right, shep. we are hearing scanner traffic that this cabin is now fully engulfed. now helicopters got a distance away from there that you can kind of see the smoke in the back and we're trying to effort that right now. that changes the entire scenario. remember, we said earlier that
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police were trying to throw in some tear gas. look around with us if you can, this is ktts they are looking around as well. this thing now said by scanner traffic and in the middle of your screen you see it right there, shep? that looks to be smoke. that is apparently the cabin that is fully engulfed. now, remember, we said there were not one but two perimeters that had been set up around this cabin by police officers and swat teams surrounding it. they were shooting in tear gas. it's unclear what caused the fire. it might have been caused from the inside. who knows? but we have reports and eyes on the ground at the scene that say this cabin is is now fully engulfed in flames which leaves exactly -- that's the front of the building as it moves towards the back it leaves exactly one exit for them to cover and they have it covered. it's unclear if there has been any movement inside the cabin. it's unclear how the fire started, shep. but this clearly is about to come to an end one way or the other in the mountains of big bear because, as you see, the
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spot shadow there, this cabin, we're being told, is now fully engulfed and they are not going to put this thing out. they are waiting to see if there is movement coming out of this thing at all. and we're just kind of getting brand new information. the san bernardino sheriff is up there right now. is he talking. can we get this kim on the san bernardino sheriff talking right now? can we bring this in? >> exchange of gunfire occurred between the deputy sheriffs and the suspect. one of our deputies was injured. he is being treated here at loma linda. unfortunately, one of our deputies passed away as a result of his injuries. i will take a couple of quick questions. >> you can tell us about the other deputy. >> they are both san bernardino county sheriff deputies. >> his condition. >> he is in surgery but he should be fine. >> sheriff, i was told by a source that [inaudible] >> i'm not going to comment on
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where his injuries are. >> were they aware that it might have been dorner in the stolen car? i guess trying to pull him over or something? >> certainly that information was made aware to the deputies that the suspect stole the vehicle matched the description. he crashed the car and then took off into the forest. >> anything you can tell us about the deceased deputy? number of years in service? >> i'm not going to comment any of that we're still doing investigation and notifying family members. thank you. >> trace: shep, let me jump in here if i can we are breaking news about the fire. clearly the sheriff doesn't quite know about that now we're hearing that there is ammunition exploding inside the cabin. we told you earlier we believed that christopher dorner was very well armed and at least at the very least had a good portion of ammunition there. well now we are hearing that ammunition you can hear it exploding inside this cabin and that it is now fully engulfed. there is also a report that there was one shot fired inside the cabin. now, again, we don't know if
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the shot was fired from inside the cabin toward outside the cabin or if the shot was fired just inside the cabin. but, there is a difference between the ammunition exploding and the one shot that was fired and the police officers and the swat teams that are surrounding this have now been told to hold their fire and wait. that's what they are doing right now. ammunition now exploding inside the cabin. the cabin fully engulfed in flames now front to back and there has been no movement, no attempt by anybody, it's our understanding that christopher dorner has tried to vacate this building, you can see it right there. that's probably the best picture we have shep. that's the cabin. it is is fully engulfed in flames. you remember your fire fighting class that the back black smoke, the thick smoke means big-time fire. that's a big-time fire. that cabin is fully engulfed right now.
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police officers are now just waiting to find out what happens next. shep? >> shepard: well, i tell you, trace, it seems pretty clear to me that when they had held a road block up as a perimeter, all roads leading out of there, there were traffic stops. after a man had murdered at least four people, including police officers. there was nothing on god's green earth that would make them take down that vehicle-to-vehicle search except the understanding and the firm belief that this man could harm no more. when that check point came down, we got our first indication. when tear gas went in and no one came out, we got our second. when the cabin went up in flames, we got our third. and we heard about one shot. well, that just might be the biggest -- the end to the biggest nightmare in the history of this department. and the biggest manhunt we have ever seen. it would appear that that's the case. of course, trace. we can't know until they come out and confirm it. frankly it's possible they
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won't -- trace, they would not have taken down that road block if they weren't positive. and you can't be positive until you see something. right? >> taking down the road block and also, shep. it looks like they have at least lessened or become more lenient with this air traffic ban that has been in place now for the past two hours. because you can see look at the helicopter at the top of your screen. there are now helicopters flying directly over this. so you have on one side of big bear this road block taken down. you have the cabin they believe christopher dorner was hold up inside now completely engulfed in flames. and you have helicopters that are flying directly over it. and you are right. we are not going to know the outcome of this for some time. but they were very confident that dorner was, in fact, inside this building, and, again, they heard one shot. does that mean he took his own life? it's very unclear at this point in time because subsequently they heard ammunition exploding inside the cabin. i just want to add this, that
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we saw these surveillance pictures this morning of dorner that was actually buying scuba tanks. and the scuba tanks, a lot of speculation was buying these tanks not to dive and escape to mexico but more to actually have some way to breathe if, in fact, he was in this situation and needed to breathe while the gas bombs were going on around him. again, this was all speculation. but you look at a plan. you look at the way this appears to have ended, shep, and it kind of all falls in to place because they started with the tear gas. it's unclear if one of those tear bombs actually led to this danny colson is-former deputy establishment director to the fbi. i think it's very important to get some perspective on this from somebody who has been in this situation before. danny, if you could, give us an idea of what you are seeing
7:28 pm
right now. we have a cabin that's fully engulfed. apparently helicopters being allowed to fly back over. at least one of the barricades so tight all afternoon seems to be open again. what do you make of all of this? >> well, obviously they know they have him. i'm pretty sure that they were pretty confident they had him in there. then, when they put the tear gas in as happens fairly frequently, that can start a fire. and a cabin like this. they go up pretty quickly and then he all kinds of problems. can he either come out, which he chose not to do or he can try to stay in there but, remember, that when you have fire you have cyanide gas generated that will kill you in a matter of four seconds. he may have overcome by smoke or he may have decided to take his own life. at least we don't have any more sheriff deputies in danger and pretty much predictable ending. this man intended to kill as many people as he could. unfortunately he was pretty successful at that and i hope this is is a resolution.
7:29 pm
it's a resolution you hope doesn't happen but he chose his own ending and that's kind of the way it goes. give us a checklist because as you said the authorities were pretty confident that christopher dorner was inside this cabin. what happens now? do they let this thing burn out? do they try to put it out? do they try to preserve if, in fact, there are remains inside of there? what's the next step for the authorities? >> generally what happens is these individuals retreat to the bathtub interestingly enough. they will probably find him in the bathroom or some underground i don't know what the construction of the house is he may have gone under the floor boards if that's possible. some of these are above ground. they will let it go. no reason to rush now. you don't want to rush in and find out you rushed in to something you are not expecting. let it go. let it cool down. they will go a system mastic search and recover his remains if they are there and it sounds like they're. and not to hurry.
7:30 pm
-- everybody is safe. no hostage there. it's a result that we could pretty much anticipate once he went to ground at that cabin his days were over. either surrendered or killed by gunfire or something like this. a fire that would have engulfed that building and tear gas often does that. >> danny colson, great information. sir, thank you. head back to italy and shepard smith. >> shepard: there is breaking news now on fox news channel. it's 4:30 on the west coast and 7:30 on the east coast. and it would appear that the nightmare of a situation across southern california is over. we know now that authorities surrounded a cabin, that the man you see on the right-hand side of your screen had taken two people hostage, at least a couple of days ago. according to our sources in los angeles. we know that one of those two
7:31 pm
people escaped. we know that chris dorner, for whom they have been searching took off in a vehicle. we know that at some point fish and game officers spotted him. we know he had a shootout with fish and game vehicle-to-vehicle. he crashed the vehicle he had stolen and ran into a cabin and began a chase. and a standoff ensued. shot out according to authorities. shooting stopped. authorities fired tear gas into the building nothing happened. along the way one shot was heard either going into the house, the cabin or coming from inside the cabin. the obvious suggestion is that he may have killed himself. but we have no way of knowing that at this moment. what we do know is that either because of the tear gas or something else, this cabin went up in flames. just before that, a perimeter that was stretched all around, road blocks for every car going through was lifted. and authorities lifted the air
7:32 pm
travel ban as well and allowed helicopters to come in and we began to see what you see now. remains. man who promised to kill so many. who had a hit list of cop after cop had killed family members of police officers. who vowed in a 20 page manifesto online that he would get his name back. through the this manifesto, it was name n-a-m-e in all caps that's what he wanted and retaliation. he will eventually learn that i have been wronged. for this reason, this man who all said was so mild mannered and such a good guy went off and began murdering across the south land. not just those he had targeted but their relatives as well. and in that manifesto he had promised i will kill again. the carnage will be widespread. and as we look now at that
7:33 pm
cabin in flames, it appears only part of his manifesto came true. it appears at this hour that the nightmare in los angeles is over. trace, i'm guessing that at some point soon we'll hear from authorities. >> at some point soon we will, shep, to kind of add what you were saying about that manifesto, christopher dorner also vowed that he would not come out of this alive and that appears to be the case right now. promising to bring a symmetrical warfare to the los angeles police department where there were 40 names manifesto. by a memo symmetrical keep them off balance i did that on a couple of occasions. we have been told that the fire department, shep, is about 200 yards await a minute the police department is telling the fire department to stand down, to sit there and watch while that cabin burns and now you can see your first pictures of the actual cabin and it is burning. and there is not a single report of anybody exiting that
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cabin. again, as you said, there was one shot that was heard to be fired right before the cabin was fully engulfed in flames. and then ammunition could be heard going off. because, as we expected, christopher dorner appeared to be very well armed and now they will watch this thing burn and then the investigation will begin. but when the air traffic ban has been lifted and when the road blocks have being taken down, it appears they believe the conclusion is the one that they were seeking or at least one of the options they were seeking when this thing began about two hours ago, shep. and, again, for the edification of our audience, this was a man who may have been hiding for at least a couple of days and maybe longer, just a few hundred yards away from the police command center as well as where the media compound was, the live shots going on, day and night, the police figuring out strategies and christopher
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dorner maybe all the while, maybe part of the while, just a few hundred yards away plotting his next move. his next move happened today when he carjacked a truck, took off, ran into fish and game and then ran into deputies. shot one deputy as he was going inside the cabin. then, according to reporting, as he went out the back of the cabin, another deputy went around the back. he pulled the trigger and shot the second deputy. one of those deputies died. the other said to be in critical condition. and the man who waged war on southern california police killed two, wounded three. and killed another young couple and now, shep, this appears to have come to a burning and violent end. shep? >> i wanted to point out before i let this go. we have been all day long relying with the air ban in place we have been relying all day long on scanner traffic and reports coming from eyewitnesses on the scene. i want to play you a little
7:36 pm
bit if i can of the scanner traffic. listen. >> information callers big bear. suicide possibly with the subject we have been looking for? big bear hear a couple of shots after the vehicle was taken. >> vehicle is clear. there is a silence sniper rifle sitting in the backseat. is he still here or another vehicle. >> continue multiple smoke grenades and cs canisters. >> fish and game was shot at returned fire. >> copy, fish and game e.m.s. were shot at and they returned fire. >> confirm they want to stop all traffic and check it prior to coming off the hill. >> trace: that was from earlier. you can see and hear the tense voices of the police officers involved. we are just getting notice, shep, that the ammunition continues to go off inside that cabin. and now the fire department wants to know if there are
7:37 pm
propane tanks that could go off. there don't appear to be any. again, the fire department is standing down, shep? >> shepard: very interesting to know that he had deployed a smoke bomb at the beginning of this standoff in that cabin there and had used that in an attempt to have a shootout with police. we don't really have any way to know how he may have met his end or, frankly, to 100% certainty whether he has. i can tell you that two people were held hostage by this man from days ago. apparently that's where he has been hiding out in a cabin where two people were tied up. one of them escaped. and those two people may be able to give us a wealth of information about what was going on with this man over that period of time. in the meantime, the scramble is on to find out where the situation stands right now. let's listen in to kttv their continuing live coverage. >> they may be busy with air traffic up there at big bear,
7:38 pm
but. >> carlos, it's interesting because the expert we had on described it as a scenario where they would wait. the time was on their side. >> yeah. but. >> shepard: clearly some audio problems going on with our feed from los angeles. but the next step will be, of course, for this fire to go out and for them to identify the remains or find the remains if they have not already. when he fired -- when they fired tear gas into this building, my understanding is this is is a small cabin with even smaller ones surrounding it. no internet. no television. no access to outside information unless he was working off a cell phone, a g-4 or something like that. a 4 g. at that point when they fired the tear gas in and the man didn't come out. unless he had gas masks or something in there that was the end of it all. now just a wait to find out a number of things. one, how it all came to a conclusion. but, it's going to also be fascinating to hear what we
7:39 pm
learn from this couple about what this man had in mind and how in the world he thought he was going to continue this. >> trace: the thing is we keep getting reports from people who can see from ground level. it looks like the middle of the wilderness. if you saw the street side view. you would see this is roughly maybe 20, 25 yards from the gal road -- actual road. the police officers have pulled off the side of the road and barricaded themselves behind their vehicles while the early shootout was underway. and we are just getting more scanner reports that the ammunition continues to go off now. and we told you earlier the fire department has been told to stand down. they are doing nothing. they are going to wait until this thing burns itself out. the fire department is there for precautionary measures to make sure it doesn't spread to any other cabins or any other trees so they can at least preserve whatever evidence is still inside.
7:40 pm
at this point in time there is no desire by anybody on the ground to put this fire out. we talked to the fbi, investigator earlier who said they believe christopher dorner is dead inside that cabin. when it is done they will be able it to i.d. what was in there. able to i.d. his remains. move on with this investigation or close this investigation as it were right now the fire continues to burn. we speculated earlier they wanted this thing done before dark. darkness hits here about one hour from now. that may have been part of the whole thing. there are some people on the ground saying maybe the police officers go in now and take a look around or at luce go up to the edge of the cabin and take a look around.
7:41 pm
i would tell my men no, not going up there. we still have ammunition going off. what else he had. there is a possibility as you mentioned earlier, a propane tanks, there is no hurry now, guys, slow it down. protect the men on the scene and let the fire department do its job when it's necessary. it's not necessary. plus, you can get optics on it cameras now that can help them a great deal. i wouldn't let my guys go anywhere near that place until you are positively sure everything is under control and there is is no possibility of any kind of other explosions. rounds going off can be extremely dangerous. if you have a case of 30 caliber going off. that sends projectiles everywhere. they need to take cover. stay down and just slow it down and let it just cool off. i guess that's sort of a interesting way to say. just let this whole thing cool off, slow down and let's see what we have later. >> but you know as well as i do danny, in situations like, this you have got people who are going to be conspiracy theirists who are going to say
7:42 pm
this thing burned so hot. you have explosive material in there, possibly. you have got a situation where if this thing burns for the next several hours there is going to be nothing left inside to identify. and that police. >> he will be there. >> salvage some of the crime scene. >> explain. >> really, the real key here is him. the evidence is not that important. we know what the crime is. we're not going to go to trial on this thing. and as this sounds maybe a little bit grotesque but a burned body, there is a tendency for the hands to clinch into a fist. that protects the fingerprints. so they will have fingerprints very likely. they will have dental records. there is is no rush here. there is a lot of con spur toler aspects to every crime. they have to ignore that, look at science and do your procedures and protect your people. that's what's really important here. we have lost enough people here. we have lost enough brave, patriotic men and some innocent people and let's don't let anything else happen. it's just not the time to go in. >> we have lost enough brave
7:43 pm
and innocent people. danny colson good progressive as always. danny, thank you. get back to shep. >> thank you. >> shepard: no question about that, trace. all of us have been listening to the police. imagine working the police radios as you know that law enforcement agents have died in all of this. so, a great deal of urgency, not that there isn't always. certainly when a man of the force has died, especially multiple ones, listen to some of the police scanner traffic that's been going on throughout the afternoon and mornings. >> officers down, officer down. >> officer down. >> the officer down. >> another officer down. >> copy another officer down? >> fire, automatic fire coming inbound. >> copy. automatic fire inbound. >> shepard: automatic fire inbound. so that was the scene. it appears it is now over. let's listen in fox 11 news in los angeles and the surrounding area with live
7:44 pm
continuing coverage. >> i do not fear dying. i feel i died when i was fired by the l.a.p.d. >> yeah. and the smiling photographs of him that he has that we have shown of him with bill bratton and others really belie the absolute evil that he has perpetrated on the south land and his fellow officers. he now as jack called him a murderer. christina is standing by and she has nor on the status of the sheriff's deputy that was injured. christina gonzalez can you come in, please? >> yes, do you copy me right now? [no audio] >> okay, the second deputy was brought in, right now in surgery. he is expected to make it though. but, he he is having pretty major surgery. but they are expecting him to make it. again, two deputies were brought here to loma linda. one is deceased as soon as i can i will give you his i.d.
7:45 pm
he is a very nice man. i'm not that his entire family. >> shepard: yeah. we certainly don't want to put that name out until we are positive that everyone involved has been notified what has been one of the most difficult period of time for law enforcement and los angeles and beyond really in recent memory. trace, in the hours ahead, it's my guess that this is just as danny colson was saying. we are down to slow and methodical now. the sense of urgency has passed. the road blocks are gone. the man appears to have met his end. the cabin is up in flames. i'm sure a collective sigh of relief within hundreds of miles of the spot where you sit on the west side of los angeles this afternoon. >> yeah. i mean, you can think about this, shep, from irvine, where the first two murders happened a week ago sunday to that young couple and, of course, she was the daughter of the police officer turned lawyer who represented christopher dorner during his hearing with the l.a.p.d. that eventually got him fired.
7:46 pm
all the way down to san diego where they say he tried to steal a boat and roughhouse an 81-year-old man back up to corona where he shot some l.a. police officers. 15 minutes further up the road where he shot some riverside police officers. and then into big bear where they thought even as early as today that maybe he had an accomplice and how would you escape this dragnet of the hundreds of officers that were up there and there was no way he was still there. and maybe he had to be in mexico. so mexico was put on full alert. and now you find out that it appears that all the while he was in big bear, may have been just a few steps from where police had set up their command post and where the media had set up their centered. we can tell you now that we are getting kind of a better idea of what's happening at the scene. we mentioned earlier the fire department is there as a precautionary measure to make sure the fire doesn't spread at all. and the police scanner traffic, which we have heard a little bit of earlier is saying basically in big bear, which is true, they have a lot of basements in these homes.
7:47 pm
a rarity in california but in the mountains they happen to stay warm. what they are planning to do, shep, is let this thing burn itself out, to see if there is a basement and everything, apparently the heat will gather there and at that point in time, that's when they will start kind of going in and looking through this scene. but this is the san bernardino sheriff's department speaking about -- this is a department that is extraordinarily confident that they got their man, that this thing lasted four about two hours and 30 minutes and now they are just waiting to process the crime scene. but that a lot of people, especially a lot of cops, 40 of them named in this vendetta, in this manifesto that he put out there. 40 of them named and their families clearly very relieved by the scene that you are seeing play out live in big bear at 447 in the afternoon here on the west coast, shep. >> shepard: trace, what more do we know if anything about the couple whom he has been
7:48 pm
holding or had been holding hostage, i guess, until this morning? >> you know, that's the thing is we know very little about them. the initial report was that he went in and he pulled off a home invasion this morning and he tied this couple up. and then he stole their truck. and that was their truck that he was pulled over with or at least was confronted by fish and game. well, as you get into the story you find out that he apparently had been inside this cabin near the golf course, near the command post for at least one day, maybe two. maybe longer. it was not their truck that he took. and this couple was not harmed in any way that we have heard of but they were tied up. and nobody knows how long they were tied up. but then he went and he carjacked another car. again, that driver was not hurt. he took the car. the white pickup truck and that's when he came in contact with fish and game. and then, when they pursued, the gun fight began. that's when he got down the road. from where his car was burning
7:49 pm
last wednesday, to where this couple was home invaded today, to where this cabin is burning, as the crow fries is maybe seven or eight miles. it gives you a better idea of how long this whole pursuit went down today from the time that fish and game came in contact with him and then the sheriff deputy, that shootout happened at the actual cabin it gives you a better idea of when this thing started and where it ended about 8 miles down the road. he didn't walk down there. he apparently drove down there and ran inside that cabin and began shooting. one deputy in the front and one deputy in the back of the house and the house is now burning to the ground. shep. >> shepard: yeah, our correspondent alicia acuna headed up the mountain right now, alicia? >> hi, shepard. we are headed intoed mountain highway 18 which meets up with 38. you heard trace talk earlier about the location of where chris dorner came in
7:50 pm
confrontation with fish and game. that's the location we are headed. i'm looking for some smoke signal where that cabin is we had to wait on the side of the road because as you know all the highways leading up from closed. heavy law enforcement presence there. coming in now, you each get this sense that things have loosened up. we are seeing people walking around out here on the mountains when things have been so tense lately. that's what we are seeing as we are heading into that location right now. shep? >> shepard: all right, alicia, thanks. when they moved the reporters back so far from that area. five miles back. didn't allow helicopters in the air. you know, at one point we got reports that he he may have had the h. not 50 cal but he may have the had the ability
7:51 pm
to shoot surface to air. >> that's what we have heard. we know as you mentioned earlier the smoke bombs that he used. the smoke grenades rather that he used to try to throw police off his track or at least confuse them to give him some time to get away. and by the way, scanner traffic, which has kind of died down is really up until a few minutes ago saying that the explosion or ammunition inside that cabin continued to go of ojust pop pop pop pop pop kind of continually after they heard that one shot inside. now they are going to wait and go in and identify to see that christopher dorner is in there. they are very confident that he is in there. and they are kind of waiting for this whole thing to play out. but, the stories kept changing. remember, when the burned out car was found on the side of the road last wednesday, shep there were two assault rifles that were left in there. it was baffling to police to think the two assault rifles were left inside the car. you have got a guy who is wanting to wage war on the l.a.p.d. and, yet, you have got two assault weapons left in the
7:52 pm
car. you have got all this cold weather and camping gear left in the car. and why if you are out to survive and you are out to wage war would you leave that stuff behind. now, what we don't know is the totality of the weaponry that he had in that car. he clearly was armed for bear when he hit this cabin because you can hear from people on the ground the explosion still going off. and we won't find out until investigators get inside exactly how much fire power he had. but, remember, he was a cop that vowed to use their tactics against them. and in many cases, he did exactly that shep. >> yeah, certainly appears that there is no other way to explain it. he certainly did. kttv fox 11 los angeles. livin'. >> fire fighting agency working in conjunction with law enforcement in a dynamic situation like this. >> just going to let it burn essentially? >> well, i don't know that their idea is to let it burn.
7:53 pm
the plan is they need to make sure that the scene is secure so the firefighters aren't facing, you know, a life safety issue when they try to do their jobs. so it's critical that law enforcement clears that scene before firefighters can operate. >> who can forget the experience of the l.a. riots in fire department personnel were shot at while they were trying to put out fires of people who lived in those apartments finance a difficult situation when people have guns in their hands. >> firefighters have larr pretty complex task on their hands safety problem. >> thank you very much for that live information. we appreciate it gigi on the ground has more for us. guy divi? >> well, we are heading up highway 330 which has just been reopened in and out of the big bear after law enforcement officials came to the conclusion that they have. at least they have a suspect
7:54 pm
contained in the -- on the excuse me highway 38 area. basically what we are seeing now is very similar to what we saw when that pickup truck was on fire. you have to always assume that there could be a booby trap, that this could be a set up and you can't go in. and i wouldn't be surprised if they do just let that cabin burn because that's basically what they did with the tie ten pickup truck found here last thursday in big bear. they basically just let it burn itself out because it was just simply too dangerous to approach, now we have seen several of the local firefighter agencies going up the hill including obviously big bear fire running springs fire has been called to the area, and law enforcement resources continue to pour into the big bear area. but if you are trying to get out of area, as a lot of people are highway 330 is the route to take. highway 38 does remain closed. there was a three-hour backup on highway 330 earlier to get out of town. can i tell you this is the
7:55 pm
talk of the town, laura. >> shepard: a lot of road closures and they are getting into the local traffic situation there. but the "l.a. times," i want to kill that audio. has just updated its web site for the first time. it gives us a time stamp of local and, again from just three minutes ago, smoke and flames reading from the "l.a. times" were visible from the area where the fugitive former law enforcement officer christopher dorner was hold up in a big bear area cabin after gun battles with law enforcement officers. law enforcement sources told the "new york times," quote: a tactical operation, unquote, was underway at the cabin but did not provide further details. as we have all seen now and the "l.a. times" is now reporting, a tall plume of smoke was rising from the area where the standoff occurred. hundreds of law enforcement personnel swooped down on the site near big bear. following the gun battles between dorner and officers that broke out in the snow covered mountains, where the fugitives have been alluding a massive manhunt since his
7:56 pm
truck was found burning in the area last week. trace, it's 5 till 5:00 in the afternoon in los angeles. i'm guessing cross that region, there are mothers and children and husbands and wives who are involved with the law enforcement community who have been mighty afraid over the last few days who have seen people who have done absolutely nothing wrong, have seen relatives of those who were targeted gunned down. who must be breathing a sigh of relief that you and i can only barely imagine. this man who was hunting people like animals has now apparently gone up in smoke at the ski resort at big bear. as awful as it is to see all of these deaths, it's mighty comforting to know that this might mayor apparently is so ever. one man in particular who was a former captain with the los angeles police department who represented christopher dorner during that hearing who got him fired it was his daughter monica kwan who was killed
7:57 pm
along with her fiance. they were ambushed inside their parking garage at their condominium complex in irvine, california. and their crime, shep, was that she was the daughter of a man who represented him in a hearing that didn't go his way. he took revenge saying and loosely quoting here that he didn't have children. he was taking away theirs. planning to kill their all. i'm just going to read this because they handed it to me. it says the county sheriff's department spokeswoman says they are not aware of communication with person inside. not aware of any hostage situation. the victims of car theft, car stolen from the home. don't know how the incident at home unfolded. she doesn't know of injuries to those people. talking about the people inside the home. no word of injuries to them. the engaged in the fire fight. we have covered that they believe someone in the house has reason to believe that it is him inside the house victim
7:58 pm
who had the car hijacked reported the suspect looked like christopher dorner. firefighter who grew up in that cabin that you are watching burn says yeah he grew up in that house. there is a basement. it's 12 by 15. and that's why they are kind of letting this thing burn until the flames go down enough until they can get a closer look of exactly what's inside, shep. >> shepard: of course, trace. going back to the original when we went to gigi from. >> reports of station where road blockss were happening. all of a sudden the road blocks ended. traffic came through they stopped looking at those vehicles. it is not possible they would have done that had they not been sure that this man had been stopped once and for all. >> trace: no, they have recently asked us to please stop the twitter feeds because they wanted that to stop.
7:59 pm
if they wanted to they would gable again and change frequencies on the scanner. enforce this no fly zone over the cabin. checking every single car that comes in and out of big bear. we mentioned a couple of times three highways that go in and out. as of 2:00 this afternoon west coast time or 3:00. every one of them was shut down. they weren't letting anybody go anywhere. this highway 38 that the cabin sits about couple yards up still shut down. this thing appears for now to be making its way towards an end and this, again, the biggest man chase in california history, shep. >> well, soon we will learn exactly what happened when one of two people being tied up inside a cabin was able to escape we'll learn what happened after that when fish and game authorities engaged in a vehicle-to-vehicle shootout.

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